MetaboMeeting 1.0
July 18th-19th, 2005 —
Cambridge, UK


  1. Introduction and organisers
  2. Meeting structure
  3. How to register
  4. Logistics
  5. Cheap rooms...
  6. Sponsors

Introduction and Organizers

On the 18-19th of July we will hold a meeting in Cambridge (UK) at which we will:

  1. Establish a coordinated effort to generate appropriate data format and reporting standards for a range of experiment types and technologies appropriate to both metabolomics and metabonomics ('systems metabolomics')
  2. Discuss general organisational matters for the UK and Europe (status of the SMRS group, relationship to the Metabolomics Society)
  3. Consider the wider functional genomics context and discuss the coordination of development with the transcriptomics and proteomics standards communities (for example, the description of biological source material is seldom omics-specific)

The ‘omics’ suffix is rather overused these days, but clearly several major technological and biological domains do merit its application; amongst these are transcriptomics, proteomics and of course metabol/nomics. For the generation of public standards (data formats, controlled terminology and reporting guidelines) there are clear focal points for the first two of these communities (MGED and HUPO PSI respectively); the standards developed under the umbrellas of these organisations are continually increasing both the quality of data and its annotation, and the ease with which data can be exchanged, disseminated and analysed.

The fields concerned with the study of metabolites, whether on a cellular or systems scale, are now also moving towards a unified standards development process. We can now conceive of a body that is in principle representative of the field in the UK and Europe; both as a forum for interested parties and as a voice on the global stage. This new organisation will consist of an expansion of the Standard Metabolic Reporting Structures (SMRS) Group to become a truly representative body for UK and European metabolomics (both public and private); MetaboMeeting 1.0 will be the venue for the discussion and ratification of this initiative, and for discussion of the wider context (for example, the opportunity to operate under the Metabolomics Society's banner).

Having laid the groundwork for a community process of standards development, both for the study of metabolism in isolation and importantly for integration into an ongoing grand collaboration aimed at producing standards for functional genomics (simply defined as the combination of the three omics already described), the time is now right for a large scale meeting of UK and European academics, industrialists (both ‘pharma’ and technology vendors), government and publishers, to ratify what has been done to date and to consolidate effort, partly through a public project management system (as symbolically important as it is practical).

We have organised a two day meeting at the University of Cambridge on the 18-19th of July. To this meeting we invite academic and industrial researchers, technology vendors, funders, other 'governmental types' and journal representatives from across Europe. This meeting will immediately precede one at the National Institutes of Health (Bethesda MD), at which the US metabolomics community (inter alia) will consider similar issues of standardisation [LINK]; several of our confirmed attendees will also travel to this US meeting, affording an opportunity to present a unified UK/European voice in that forum.

The minutes from the exploratory MetaboMeeting 0.1 (which established that this meeting would be useful) can be found here.

We will address all these issues and more at MetaboMeeting 1.0. Participation in the meeting is free, thanks to generous sponsorship.
Travel and accomodation are the responsibility of the attendee, but logistical help is available.

Organising Committee:

University of Cambridge, UK
      Jules Griffin

European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, UK
      Chris Taylor
      Susanna-Assunta Sansone

Information and Correspondence: Chris Taylor []

Meeting structure (subject to change -- feel free to comment...)

Monday 18th July

 Time  Activity
'Welcome Coffee'
 Opening Addresses
 First session (a series of context-setting talks)
Lunch -- posters / stands
  14:00-15:30  Lightning presentations by groups (6 x [10+5] minutes)
Coffee break -- posters / stands
  16:00-17:00  Panel discussion (open forum for any issues within the scope of the meeting)
  17:30-19:00  Wine reception at King's College (which is gorgeous) [a coach will transfer attendees to and from...]
Conference dinner at Fitzwilliam College (free to registered attendees) 

Tuesday 19th July

 Time  Activity
 Lightning presentations by groups (6 x [10+5] minutes)
Coffee break -- posters / stands
Lunch -- posters / stands

 Breakout group discussions. Suggested groupings:
    1. Intra- and inter-community relationships (SMRS, Metabolomics Society, NIH, PSI, MGED)
    2. Reporting requirements for the study of metabolism
    3. Generation of XML schemata
    4. Use of ontologies (combine with 3..?)


Coffee break -- posters / stands

 Breakout group reports
 Closing remarks
 Meeting closes

How to register

** Registration is now closed (except in exceptional circumstances) **


The meeting will take place at the Department of Biochemistry (Sanger Building on the 'Old Addenbrookes site').The street address is: 80 Tennis Court Road, Cambridge CB2 1GA. [Map] [Picture of frontage]

An excellent series of pages on getting to Cambridge can be found here covering travel and accommodation.


A number of cheap rooms are available at Fitzwilliam College (site of Monday's dinner) -- please apply to Chris Taylor by email:
      Semi En-suite Rooms: Fellow's Court £40.00 (ex VAT) per room per night
      Standard rooms: (1:2 bathroom:bedroom ratio) New Court £37.50 (ex VAT) per room per night
      Standard rooms: (1:4 bathroom:bedroom ratio) Tree Court £27.00 (ex VAT) per room per night
      All rooms come with full breakfast.




Chris Taylor (, June 29th, 2005